Can You Inject Cocaine to Get High?

Cocaine is an illegal and highly addictive stimulant drug, one that is naturally extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. Most frequently, cocaine is consumed in its powdered form and ingested nasally – however, it can be smoked or injected. Cocaine is currently classified as a Schedule II chemical substance, meaning that the federal government has determined that the specific chemical substance is both highly habit-forming and it has some medical use, but it can only be prescribed by a medical professional as a local anesthetic.

More About Cocaine Abuse

While ingesting cocaine nasally is the most common (and this method of use has been widely popularized by mainstream media and many major motion pictures), there are additional methods of use that can be equally as dangerous – if not more so. Those who choose to inject cocaine have usually been abusing the specific chemical substance for quite some time, and are looking for a more immediate and intense high. Injecting any chemical substance is significantly more risky than smoking, snorting, or swallowing the substance – there is a unique set of risk factors that goes hand in hand with intravenous drug use. In short, yes you can inject cocaine to get high – but doing so is never a good idea.

Can You Inject Cocaine to Get High?

Risks Involved in Cocaine Injection 

Individuals who choose to inject cocaine directly into their bloodstream will first need to dissolve the chemical substance in water. It is important to note that crack cocaine, a derivative of powdered cocaine, should never be injected. It is made using a wide range of chemicals and additives that are extremely dangerous and often life-threatening when injected directly into the veins. Many side effects are directly linked to injecting cocaine, including:

  • Severe chest pains
  • Extreme anxiety and hyperventilation
  • Panic attacks
  • Paranoia
  • Auditory and visual hallucinations
  • Intense confusion
  • Heart attack
  • Seizures, and extreme cases
  • Bruising and track marks at the site of injection

These are some of the more immediate effects, however, there are many additional risk factors involved in using cocaine intravenously. First of all, individuals who inject the specific chemical substance are at increased risk of developing skin-related issues like infections, abscesses, and ulcers. It is not uncommon for men and women who have been injecting cocaine or any other chemical substance to develop severe bruising, irritation, and infection around the injection site. If you believe that someone close to you has been abusing cocaine and intravenously, keep an eye out for bruising and track marks.

Dangers of Injecting Cocaine

Those who use drugs intravenously are also at increased risk of collapsed veins. This can lead to chronic swelling of the extremities and more serious infections, like infections that affect the heart valves. Needle sharing also leads to an increased risk of contracting certain diseases, like hepatitis and HIV. The risks involved in using cocaine intravenously always outweigh the rewards. If you have been abusing cocaine in any form, there is help available. Medical detox is a necessary initial step on every journey of long-term cocaine addiction recovery. For more information on our medically monitored detox program, feel free to reach out to us at any point in time.

Allure Detox – Medical Cocaine Detox Services

Allure Detox utilizes a range of proven detoxification methods to provide clients with a safe cocaine withdrawal process. The withdrawal symptoms associated with stimulant drugs like cocaine are not typically life-threatening, and they are often far more psychologically demanding than they are physically demanding. However, they can be harshly unpleasant when left untreated. If you have been abusing cocaine in any form, we highly recommend that you enter into a medical detox program sooner rather than later.

Our team of experienced professionals is well equipped to treat withdrawal symptoms the very moment they arise, preventing any serious complications from occurring. For more information on cocaine abuse or for more information on our medical detox program, reach out to us today. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Published on: 2020-11-27
Updated on: 2024-06-05