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Allure Detox offers a wide variety of detoxification protocols for individuals seeking help from substance abuse.

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Addiction is a disease of loneliness and isolation. Habitual use of drugs and alcohol cuts us off from the things we value most – friends, families, and our higher selves. To recover, we must get back in touch with these forgotten aspects of our lives. So when we’re finally getting clean and sober, the last thing we need is more separation from the people we love and the parts of our lives we once found rewarding. What we need is to show up for life again, not deeper separation.

And that’s how Allure Detox can help. We are a comfortable and evidence-based drug and alcohol detox in West Palm Beach, Florida. We can free you or your loved one from the physical symptoms of addiction and start you on the path to recovery. We offer detox from drugs and alcohol on a medical basis so that you can safely resume the life you once lived, the life you thought was lost forever. Addicts emerge from Allure Detox healthy, sane, and prepared for a lifetime of recovery. Please contact us today if you or someone you love is suffering the pain of addiction.

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How Our Drug & Alcohol Detox Works

Essentially, detox gradually eliminates drugs and alcohol from the dependent person’s system. It’s a medical process that, depending on the substance, uses various prescription drugs to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. A specially trained team of doctors and nurses administers these drugs on a decreasing schedule, until the patient’s body is completely free of the original abused substance.

The patient is closely monitored during the detox process, especially over the first 48 or so hours. The detox team gradually tapers the detox drugs until the patient can stop them completely. Sometimes, the patient will remain on certain prescription drugs even after the detox process is finished. These drugs serve to manage cravings and reduce the risk of relapse.

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When Does Our West Palm Beach Detox Become Necessary?

Unfortunately, only a specially trained physician can say with certainty when a detox is indicated for a given patient. Of course, it’s better to err on the side of caution and seek medical guidance in such situations. It’s absolutely crucial to keep in mind the inherent dangers of stopping drug or alcohol use abruptly. Withdrawal symptoms can actually be fatal if the patient has been using or drinking for prolonged periods.

And even if the symptoms are not life-threatening, they are often so severe that the addict stands little or chance of stopping without medical help. Please contact Allure Detox today if you or someone you love has a drinking or drug problem. You and your family deserve it. Reach out today to speak with our detox specialists at our solution-focused drug rehab in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Health Insurance Accepted

Allure Detox works with most major health insurance plans and providers to help cover the costs of your detoxification and addiction treatment. If your insurance is not listed here, please contact us for an instant coverage verification because this is only a partial list and we accept many more.

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