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Suboxone Addiction Detox in West Palm Beach, Florida

Although Suboxone was created to help people end their addiction to heroin and other powerful opiates, Suboxone has itself become addictive. Most people who abuse Suboxone have discovered that by taking more than prescribed, it’s easy to get high from it. There are addicts who have become physically dependent on Suboxone just like they were physically dependent on heroin. It can be seen as switching one chemical dependency for another, often in the name of harm reduction. But why would you want to be on Suboxone for the long-term? At some point, it’s time to safely get off this drug once and for all.

At Allure Detox, we specialize in helping opioid addicts that want to safely get off Suboxone. Whether you’re abusing it to get high, or are on a long-term maintenance plan and can’t stop using it on our own, our specialists are here to help. Our Suboxone detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, follows a medically-assisted detox approach to ensure your withdrawal symptoms are minimized. The purpose of a Suboxone detox is to get our patients off all medications and drugs. Although Suboxone helps many people remain free from their drug of choice, they become addicted to taking the Suboxone every day because it’s a partial opioid agonist.

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Is Suboxone Addictive?

Suboxone is very addictive and our Suboxone addiction detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, is the best option for men and women that are serious about getting off Suboxone for good. Our detox is modern and comfortable. Our staff is comprised of psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists who specialize in Suboxone addiction recovery. Suboxone dependency is a physical and mental addiction just like an addiction to any other drug. The first process is to safely detox from the drug, then enter a treatment or counseling program to learn how to live without Suboxone.

At our Suboxone addiction detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, our clients are encouraged to participate in groups that focus on self-esteem, relaxation techniques, overcoming trauma, 12 step philosophy, and groups that discuss relapse prevention. The West Palm Beach opioid detox unit offers every client access to nutritious snacks 24/7 and serves gourmet meals prepared fresh every day. We offer access to beautiful outdoor areas for quiet reflection.

Most clients who enter our Suboxone addiction detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, complete their detox approximately two weeks after they are admitted but it varies on a case-by-case basis. The amount of time it takes for every person to complete a Suboxone addiction detox is relative to the amount they were taking the drug and for how long.

Suboxone Withdrawal Help

To achieve successful long-term recovery from Suboxone addiction, the first step is to call one of our Suboxone addiction recovery specialists. We offer immediate admission so that Suboxone withdrawal help can begin as soon as possible.

The biggest mistake a person who is addicted to Suboxone can make is to think that they can detox themselves at home. Suboxone is a powerful opioid drug that requires medical supervision to stabilize and detox. We’re here to help you make the first step into long-term recovery.

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