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Overcoming One of the Most Addictive Drugs in the World

The addictive properties of heroin are legendary. It delivers a powerful, euphoric high and can be habit forming almost immediately. Throw in the horrible withdrawal symptoms and you’ll see why heroin detox can seem so difficult. It is the fear of these symptoms that keep so many people addicted.

Fortunately, there’s more hope now than ever. This hope comes from advanced techniques in heroin detox and changing perceptions. Allure Detox is a part of this “addiction revolution.” Our physicians and nurses help patients stop using heroin by administering the prescription drugs they need to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Heroin Detox

Heroin Detox and Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the most significant advances in the detox field has been the use of something called Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT. MAT is the use of prescription drugs to treat addiction. This form of treatment is one the chief weapons in Allure’s heroin detox arsenal.

During detox, we usually use a drug called Suboxone (buprenorphine). Essentially, Suboxone is a replacement drug that’s administered on a decreasing schedule. It greatly reduces or eliminates withdrawal symptoms and allows the brain to repair itself. The duration of Suboxone use depends on the patient’s specific situation but can range from a few weeks to several years.

Whatever the case, patients finish heroin detox at Allure prepared for a life of recovery. Along with the compassionate expertise of our staff, MATs make the detox process easier and more comfortable than it’s ever been.

After Heroin Detox – Maintenance Drugs To Aid Recovery

Sometimes, it is advisable for the heroin addict to continue taking prescription drugs after detox has ended. This is especially true for long-term users, as heroin and opioid drugs can drastically alter brain chemistry over time and make “abstinence-based” recovery incredibly difficult.

These drugs essentially serve two purposes. First, they block the euphoric and intoxicating action of any opioid drugs that enter the body. Second, they reduce the terrible cravings the heroin or opioid user often experiences after they stop abusing illegal drugs.

Naltrexone, Vivitrol, and Suboxone are the most commonly used drugs in this class. And although Suboxone itself can be habit forming, all of these drugs have proven very effective in helping patients overcome their addictions. In some cases, other help is required, such as various therapies and 12 step programs. Even so, maintenance drugs are a viable option for many addicted people. In fact, they’ve given hope and new life to thousands all over the world.

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