Can Your Veins Collapse Because of IV Drug Use?

Many consequences go hand in hand with intravenous drug use. Some of these consequences can be easily remedied with an extended period of sobriety, and others might last a lifetime. One of the consequences that could be permanent is the risk of collapsed veins from injecting drugs.

If you continuously inject drugs into your vein, eventually, they will collapse, which cannot be fixed and will be forever with you. The best thing to do is to stop using drugs altogether. Our Residential Treatment Program can help you overcome your addiction and save your veins before it is too late.

Can Your Veins Collapse Because of IV Drug Use

How Exactly Does a Vein Collapse?

Suppose a person continuously injects the chemical substance into the same vein, typical for heroin abuse and dependence. In that case, the vein’s walls might grow weak and crumble, ultimately reducing blood flow. The collapse of a vein is characterized by either the leakage of blood or the inability of blood to flow through. When one of your veins has collapsed, you will notice that the skin surrounding the injection site is beginning to darken and bruise.

Collapsed Veins Needs Time To Heal

The good news is that if you catch a collapsed vein right away, it does have the potential to heal. Unfortunately, because heroin addiction can grow so severe, many people abusing heroin and who experience a collapsed vein do not give it the time to heal. If your vein collapses and you inject it with a chemical substance shortly after that, you can cause permanent damage to the area.

Symptoms of a Collapsed Vein and What Steps to Take 

If you experience a collapsed vein, you will start to notice that the area bruises within several minutes. Other symptoms of a collapsed vein include a stinging sensation, swelling around the injection site, tenderness, or pain around the injection site. There is a difference between a collapsed vein and a blown vein, and when treating the area, it is essential to make this distinction. A collapsed vein is a vein that has caved in. Prolonged intravenous drug use can lead to the collapse of the vein, but the vein can be repaired if you avoid injecting that area while it is healing.

Physical Consequences of Collapsed Veins

If you experience a collapsed vein, it is an excellent indication that you require professional addiction treatment. As soon as you start experiencing physical consequences directly from your drug abuse, professional help becomes essential. If you experience a blown vein, the vein suffers potentially permanent damage because both sides are ruptured. This can occur if you use a too large needle or angle the needle wrong.

If you do experience a collapsed vein, you must avoid intravenous drug use in the future. Of course, this is easier said than done without professional help, and the good news is that Allure Detox is available to help.

Allure Detox and Intravenous Drug Addiction Recovery 

Collapsed veins can be fixed, but not without professional intervention. If you have gotten to the point where you are using drugs intravenously and experiencing physical consequences of the direct result, seeking treatment is extremely important. At Allure Detox, we believe that addiction recovery is about much more than providing clients with intensive behavioral therapy, 12 step program education, and a range of holistic treatment services.

Start Healing Your Intravenous Drug Addiction And Collapsed Veins

We believe that for recovery to be truly comprehensive, all of the physical implications of active addiction must also be addressed. For this reason, we provide our clients with an in-depth physical assessment upon their admission. If any additional health care services are required, we put our clients into touch with a medical professional who can help them.

Rest assured that if you have begun to experience physical consequences due to your drug addiction, the majority of these consequences can and will be reversed as soon as you enter into a program of recovery. Contact us today for more information on our recovery program or begin your journey of freedom from intravenous drug use.


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Published on: 2021-07-09
Updated on: 2024-05-14