At Allure Detox, our compassionate, experienced team is committed to one important goal. We want to help you achieve and maintain a drug-free lifestyle. This process begins when you contact us to learn more about drug rehab in Riviera Beach. A drug addiction is classified as a mental disorder, and the severity of the disorder can be dependent on multiple factors. For example, the substance that you abuse as well as the frequency of use, underlying health conditions and more can all contribute to the severity of your addiction.
Because a drug addiction is a mental disorder, the most effective treatment is in a rehab facility where clinical care is provided. At Allure Detox, we specialize in providing treatment according to the guidelines published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA. Its guiding principles include the necessity to personalize each patient’s treatment to meet their needs. Personalized treatment offered through our program for drug rehab in Riviera Beach includes medication intervention as well behavioral therapy and other focal points that may vary by patient.

The Drug Rehab Treatment Process

Many individuals who would benefit from drug rehab in Riviera Beach want to know what the experience is like before they begin the process. To address the need for an individualized approach to treat each patient, we begin the process with a comprehensive assessment. Through the assessment, we can identify underlying health issues or other contributing factors that may be impacting the addiction. Once the assessment is complete, a detailed treatment plan will be created. While an initial timeline for the drub rehab process will be determined upfront, it is important to note that individuals walk through the process at their own pace.

The next step in the process involves managing withdrawal symptoms as the drug leaves your body. You will receive around-the-clock support from our team during this step. In addition, medications may be administered to manage unpleasant or painful symptoms. Once this stage of detox has been completed, you may enter a residential or outpatient treatment program. These programs offer behavioral therapies, such as to identify risks and to learn coping mechanisms. Holistic therapies, counseling and other services are also offered through these programs. Family members may also be involved in some therapy sessions as we take a comprehensive approach to support our patients through their journey toward clean living. Our goal is to give each patient the tools and resources he or she needs to maintain a clean lifestyle after the completion of the program.

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As you search for drug rehab in Riviera Beach, it is important to find a center that addresses all aspects of addiction treatment. At Allure Detox, we carefully design an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Our plan focuses on treating the mental condition through a variety of therapies and approaches. At the same time, it includes a monitored detox phase so that you can rid your body of the drugs with minimal discomfort. Are you ready to learn more about our detox and rehab program? Contact Allure Detox to begin the assessment process as the first step

Published on: 2023-05-03
Updated on: 2024-06-05

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