Treating substance addiction is a lot easier with an insurance plan that covers a significant part of the expenses. Do you have an Anthem BlueCross BlueShield insurance plan? Read on to learn how this can help you regain a life free from substance abuse.

What is Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Insurance?

Anthem Inc. is a licensed operator of the BlueCross BlueShield brand. It is a health insurance service provider and the largest for-profit company in the BlueCross BlueShield Association. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis and ranks 33rd on the Fortune 500.

Anthem Inc. emerged from a 2004 merger of WellPoint in California and Anthem in Indianapolis following both company’s acquisition of insurance companies. Anthem operates as Anthem Blue Cross in California, as Empire BlueCross BlueShield in New York and as Anthem BlueCross BlueShield in 10 states in the US. Anthem currently serves over 74 million clients in the United States of America.

Anthem BCBS has a vast network of drug treatment service providers and Allure Detox is an Anthem BCBS drug detox center. Therefore, if you have a health insurance plan, a majority or a portion of your substance addiction treatment will be covered at Allure Detox. Anthem BCBS provides various levels of coverage for medical detoxification as part of its overall behavioral healthcare plan. However, the extent of coverage varies across plans.


What type of addiction treatment can I access with Anthem BCBS Insurance Plan?

As a BlueCross BlueShield licensed operator, the following BCBS-approved addiction services will be covered by an Anthem BCBS Insurance plan:

  • Behavioral health resources
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Outpatient rehab program
  • Inpatient rehab program
  • Aftercare services and
  • Medical Detoxification

Allure Detox is an Anthem BCBS drug and alcohol detox facility. We focus on getting addicts started on the journey to a full recovery with a medically assisted detoxification. Medical detox is an important procedure which should be carried out under strict professional supervision. The purpose of an Anthem BCBS drug detox program is to rid the addict’s system of all traces of illicit substances. Therefore, we offer an individualized approach tailored to the specific situation of the patient. Our empathetic team of addiction treatment experts may also administer prescription drugs to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Having an insurance plan such as Anthem BCBS enables you to get started on the much-deserved journey to sobriety with a treatment facility like Allure Detox. The financial aspects of your addiction treatment simply become less of a worry.

Verify your plan to get started

It is important for you to understand the extent of coverage that your policy offers. This could become burdensome without access to enough information. At Allure Detox, we focus on reducing the psychological burdens associated with seeking addiction treatment. As part of our way of helping people to get started on the journey to full recovery, our admission team is available around the clock to help with the verification of your insurance plan.

Feel free to give us a call today and we will begin with a fully confidential verification of your insurance policy so you can discover your addiction treatment coverage benefits.


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Published on: 2019-07-08
Updated on: 2024-05-05

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