Alcohol and drug addiction is a growing mental health challenge today. Accompanying such addiction is a host of social issues, such as drunk driving, broken relationships, and job loss.

Each year, thousands of people across the country struggle with addiction and allow it to take hold of their lives. Such individuals are trapped in a web of hopelessness and desperation without the right support system. Such individuals hold back even when they realize that seeking professional addiction help is the only way out. A significant hurdle for most families is the heavy financial commitment to pursue detox and rehab care.

It often relieves most individuals that insurance can cover a sizeable part of their medical detox costs without prior approval. If you have Aetna health insurance, you may qualify for full or partial coverage under your specific plan.

However, it is crucial to understand the specifics of your benefits and your expected out-of-pocket expenses before enrolling in any substance abuse rehabilitation program. As an out-of-network Aetna drug detox center, we work hand-in-hand with most major health insurance providers.

Addiction Treatment

Does Aetna Provide Coverage For Medical Detox?

In line with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance providers must provide a certain level of coverage for substance use disorders equivalent to that extended for other primary healthcare concerns. Many Aetna plans cover substance use disorders as part of its overall healthcare-covered services. Substance abuse rehab and detox services fall under its behavioral treatment and mental health services covered under the ACA. As an out-of-network Aetna provider, we can work with your health insurance provider to determine your specific benefits and what your plan covers.

As an Aetna policyholder, the actual coverage level you will receive depends on various factors, such as your individual Aetna plan and your state of residence. Allure Detox can provide you with free insurance benefits check to get a clearer picture of what detox and addiction treatment services are covered.

What Does Aetna’s Substance Abuse Coverage Include?

If you or a loved one needs drug or alcohol addiction treatment, you may be unsure if your benefits include rehab and detox. The excellent news is Aetna provides far-reaching coverage for alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

Unlike other insurance companies, a distinguishing feature of Aetna is that they consider your specific needs when deciding on the type of rehab programs covered under your plan.

Aetna policyholders can expect full or partial coverage for the following services, among others:

Medical Detoxification: A medical detoxification program aims to cleanse your body of the toxic effects of drugs and alcohol. Depending on your needs, as determined by our physicians, you may be admitted into an outpatient or inpatient detoxification program.

Allure Detox offers a comprehensive inpatient detox program at our state-of-the-art facility in Florida. Clients who have undergone our Aetna drug and alcohol detox program have discovered that detox doesn’t necessarily have to be a painful experience.

How Can I Verify My Aetna Addiction Treatment Coverage?

Our professional admissions team can handle insurance verification on your behalf. We understand just how stressful dealing with addiction can be; that is why we provide our clients with a 100% free verification of their insurance. We desire to make getting into recovery as stress-free as possible.

What Detox Centers Will Accept My Aetna Insurance?

When contemplating entering recovery, you might need help getting started or locating a reliable detox and treatment facility that will accept your Aetna health insurance.

Your success against addiction depends on finding the right treatment center and receiving the correct type of care. Thousands of our clients have found that Allure Detox is a reliable, Aetna Approved Drug Detox Center, providing a medically-assisted detoxification process that comfortably minimizes withdrawal symptoms and truly addresses your addiction.

Lasting recovery is only a phone call away. Do not spend another day under the chains of addiction. Allure Detox may be your best option if you want to achieve sober living. Get in touch with us today to give your life a fresh start.


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Relying on Aetna to cover the costs of treatment can be a huge relief and peace of mind. This way, you can focus solely on your recovery and sober living.

Published on: 2019-06-28
Updated on: 2023-11-28

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