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Opiate Detox at Allure in West Palm Beach, Florida

We have wonderful news for anyone addicted to painkillers: opiate detox at Allure is a safe and comfortable process, one that will get you drug-free, sane, and healthy again.

The Vicious Cycle of Chronic Pain and Withdrawal

Dependency on any type of drug is hard to endure, but opiate addiction seems especially cruel upon analysis. It’s cruel because it usually afflicts people who are already suffering from chronic pain, a condition that’s debilitating enough on its own. And when you add painkiller addiction into the equation, it becomes a truly nightmarish cycle.

It’s a vicious cycle that piles one disease on top of another with no one end in sight. Fortunately, with the science in place today no one need suffer from opiate addiction any longer. The care team at Allure Detox has fully integrated these scientific advances to create individualized programs that work.

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Opiate Detox Florida

Medication Assisted Treatments and Opiate Detox

Our programs use Medicated Assisted Treatments (MATs) to detox patients from opiates. And if need be, we administer MATs to help patients maintain long-term recovery. Sometimes, additional help is required, but these prescription drugs give every addict a chance for permanent recovery.

The most common MAT drugs for opiate addiction are Suboxone, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol (a once a month form of Naltrexone). Suboxone is a replacement drug that reduces or eliminates withdrawal symptoms and is slowly reduced over time. Naltrexone, in both its daily and monthly forms, reduces the cravings that so often lead to relapse. Additionally, both Suboxone and Naltrexone block the euphoric action of other opiates, removing the impetus for further use.

The upshot of all of this is that patients leave our opiate detox freed of harmful drugs and prepared for recovery. Our program is like a nourishing reset of our clients’ lives. It works for both the short and the long term. And by treating addiction as a physical condition, our opiate detox gets to the root of the problem without unnecessary moral judgment. Please call us today if your family is suffering from opiate addiction.

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