Chiropractic Care During Addiction Detox

Recovery is challenging and takes a lot of hard work. This hard work can be mentally exhausting, but it can also be physically tiring. Detox is a vulnerable time. Substance abuse is all-consuming, and while each individual’s experience with detox is different, it is typically a confusing, anxious, and hopeful time. Detox can also be stressful and many people experience physical discomfort.

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Understanding Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care centers on addressing issues related to the spinal column and ultimately alleviates stress in the body. A trained chiropractor can improve joint mobility and function and loosen tight muscles while decreasing inflammation and degeneration of connective tissues and joints. Routine chiropractic visits improve overall mobility, health, and help patients live without pain or discomfort.

Role of Chiropractic Care During Detox

Individuals undergoing detox can experience all of the benefits of chiropractic care while also enjoying additional gains. A properly aligned spine improves function within the nervous system which creates greater or improved feelings of well-being. This can reduce urges to self medicate while also reducing stress and maximizing the impacts of other forms of substance abuse therapy and even physical exercise.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Routine visits with a chiropractor can provide relief during detox. Some of the benefits of receiving chiropractic care during substance abuse detox include stress reduction and relief from pain.

Stress Reduction

Recovery is stressful and everyone handles stress differently. Detoxing is a particularly stressful time. People undergoing detox are often very new to recovery, so they have not yet developed the coping skills necessary to maintain sobriety. The symptoms of withdrawal can cause nausea, anxiety, insomnia and more. The experience can be frightening and this can make it stressful. Some people may internalize this stress which can cause tension in the body and lead to pain and discomfort.

Stress is a powerful force that can provide a barrier to treatment. When an individual is stressed, they may be distracted, experience physical pain, be unable to participate in recovery therapy, or even begin to doubt their ability to recover. Alleviating stress can enable individuals to not only feel better but to also focus on their health and getting better.

Pain Management in Recovery

Addiction, particularly prescription drug and opioid addiction, commonly starts as a way to address pain and discomfort caused by an injury. As an individual works to detox and stops using, the pain from that existing injury may resurface. Chiropractor care provides relief from pain without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Comprehensive Recovery Care

Detox is a pivotal first step in recovery. The detox process can be stressful and it is also common for people to experience pain and discomfort as they regain their sobriety. A multifaceted approach to care that includes treatment options such as chiropractic treatment, helps patients learn how to cope, make the most of their treatment, and go on to lead happy, healthy, and sober lives.

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