Allure Detox in Boca Raton Florida accepts insurance that offers mental health and substance abuse benefits. Fortunately, when the Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010, all insurance policies are required by law to cover substance abuse treatment in the same capacity as they do other chronic diseases. The nations opioid epidemic has influenced insurance coverage to combat the drug addiction crisis, a welcome step forward to promoting access to treatment overall.

Medical detoxification is necessary for a successful recovery, and health insurance makes this program accessible to many Americans. Per the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health:

The ACA provides greater access to SUD treatment through major coverage expansions, regulatory changes requiring coverage of SUD treatments in existing insurance plans, and requirements for SUD treatments to be offered on par with medical and surgical procedures. As such, the ACA allows an arsenal of tools for states to not only address use disorders for all substances but the opioid epidemic in particular. Many states have taken full advantage of this arsenal, and although the epidemic continues, it would arguably be worse without these reforms. (NLM NIH)

One of the many insurance policies that Allure Detox accepts and is familiar with is Humana. Our Humana detox center admits clients who own policies from Humana that cover drug and alcohol treatment. To discover what plan you own from Humana and how much coverage your specific plan offers, speak with one of our insurance verification admissions staff. They will be able to read your policy and locate all the available benefits, which may not be obvious to you.

Humana health insurance is making differences in the lives of addicts and alcoholics from all over the country. Their policies include benefits that cover behavioral health diagnoses such as alcohol and drug abuse, as well as, anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorder, and more. Your plan from Humana will likely pay for all the costs of our inpatient drug and alcohol detox. Verification of your insurance plan only takes minutes and once your policy is confirmed we will have you or your relative admitted into our Humana medical detox center within 24 hours.

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The types of medical detox rehab services we specialize in detoxification include alcohol, opiates, heroin, benzos, pain pills, meth, cocaine, Methadone, Suboxone, and Adderall. Our medically supervised detoxification prescribes safe and effective medications to help ease physical, emotional, and mental discomfort due to addiction withdrawal symptoms. Clients will be comfortable and allowed to rest and rehabilitate at their own pace.

Our Humana medical detox center is professionally staffed by medical practitioners who specialize in addiction treatment. Our detox utilizes safe medication and treatment methods covered by health insurance plans making our detox affordable as well as accessible to you or your loved one. The most important call to make is the one that helps you or your loved one end their addiction to drugs and or alcohol, which begins with detoxification.

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The rising cost of detox services does not need to be the reason that a person does not get help to stop using. Insurance companies encourage the application of behavioral health benefits and no longer deny coverage, as they once did decades ago. Historically, insurance companies did not cooperate as easily as they do currently. The addiction rate in the state of Florida and throughout the country has alerted our government and insurance agencies to insist that compliance and ease of payment be the standard, which it is now.

If you or a loved one is unsure what type of insurance you have and whether or not your plan will the detox program at our facility, call one of our admission specialists. Our staff is experienced with Humana and numerous other insurance plans and will work diligently to get you or your relative admitted into our Humana detox center successfully and quickly.


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Published on: 2019-07-03
Updated on: 2024-05-05

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