Allure Detox is an Inpatient Detox and Residential Treatment Center that accepts Beacon Health insurance for a medical detoxification.

When an addict or alcoholic finally asks for help with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the fear of detoxification can hold their progress back in getting clean and sober. Withdrawal symptoms can cause men and women to avoid recovery altogether. That is why for most addicts and alcoholics, the first part of their recovery begins at a professional Beacon Health detox center.

Allure Detox specializes in medically supervised detox services that allow the person to detox off all drugs and alcohol safely and with minimal discomfort. If you or a loved one are ready to change and end addiction forever, let us lower the concerns about how to begin this life-changing step. It all starts with medical detoxification, and as a drug detox that takes Beacon Health, we work hand-in-hand with your health insurance provider.

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Beacon Health Drug Alcohol Detox Centers

The services we provide are all covered by insurance plans that have behavioral health benefits. One company that we are familiar with is Beacon Health. As a leader in substance abuse treatment referral and management, Beacon Health is making an impact in helping people with substance abuse disorders, SUD, also known as addiction, get the help they need to recover, and this begins with a Beacon Health drug detox center.

Allure Detox has a successful history with helping addicts detox and recover from their dependency on alcohol, opiates, heroin, benzos, pain pills, meth, cocaine, Methadone, Suboxone, and Adderall. Our services are covered by most health insurance plans, and we will work to use all of the coverage your Beacon Health or other plan has to pay for services at our detox center. Once a client is admitted into Allure Detox, they are prescribed specific medication to help them stop their addiction and withdrawal easily and safely from all substances. Our staff is compassionate and dedicated to helping each client feel comfortable as they progress through the detoxification process.

Drug Detox That Takes Beacon Health Insurance

Drug and alcohol detox does not have to be painful or scary. Our medical staff remains on-site and caters to the needs of each client. The time it takes for a person to detox off drugs and alcohol varies per person. The length of time a person used drugs and alcohol along with their medical history indicates how long it will take for them to get all substances out of their body.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIDA, withdrawal symptoms are difficult to tolerate, but proper medication and clinical supervision diminish the severity of these symptoms.

Withdrawal describes the various symptoms that occur after a person abruptly reduces or stops long-term use of a drug. Length of withdrawal and symptoms vary with the type of drug. For example, physical symptoms of heroin withdrawal may include restlessness, muscle and bone pain, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, and cold flashes. These physical symptoms may last for several days, but the general depression, or dysphoria (opposite of euphoria), that often accompanies heroin withdrawal may last for weeks. In many cases, withdrawal can easily be treated with medications to ease the symptoms, but treating withdrawal is not the same as treating addiction. (NIDA)

Without medical supervision, detoxification can become a serious medical emergency. If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol and have painful physical withdrawal symptoms, it is imperative that you receive medical help to safely detox. Medically supervised detoxification also lowers the likelihood of relapse. If a person attempts to detox without professional help, often the physical symptoms cause them to give up and use or drink again to get relief. Our medication-assisted approach allows clients to rest and relax while the drugs and alcohol detoxify from their bodies.

We can verify your insurance plan within minutes and locate where in your Beacon Health policy or other plan are the benefits that will cover our services. We are repairing lives every day, and our detox admission specialists can have you or your loved one admitted within 24 hours.


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Published on: 2019-07-09
Updated on: 2023-11-28

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