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Methadone Addiction Detox in West Palm Beach, Florida

Methadone is prescribed mainly to assist people addicted to Heroin and other Opiates and need help in avoiding withdrawal symptoms and stabilization or opioid maintenance plan. For opiate addicts, Methadone ensures that the physical symptoms of withdrawal will not cause a relapse because the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms disappear once you’re on Methadone. Without Methadone, addiction to opiates causes severe physical withdrawal symptoms that cannot be tolerated. The danger happens when you’re on Methadone for a while and can’t stop using it, which means that you’ve replaced one substance for another.

For people that have been prescribed Methadone and remain clean of other opiates, there is often a high risk for abusing Methadone. Methadone addiction is as serious as other addictions to opiates, including heroin addiction, and requires a methadone detox to get off this narcotic safely. Our methadone addiction detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, is here to help men and women dependent on Methadone but want to get off this drug once and for all.

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West Palm Beach Methadone Detox Center

To detox from Methadone safely, addicted individuals must receive medical supervision. Our medically-assisted West Palm Beach methadone detox center relies on comfort medication and around-the-clock care to safely detox our patients from Methadone. We know that Methadone has an extremely long half-life; that’s why men and women addicted to it must be tapered off slowly. By placing our patients on a supervised taper schedule, the likelihood of completing the detox process and treatment program is much higher.

At our methadone addiction detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, we can admit you or your loved ones into a medically-supervised methadone detox within 24 hours or less. Without the proper medication and professional clinical staff to oversee the detox protocol, methadone withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. The physical withdrawal symptoms associated with methadone addiction include heart palpitations, hallucinations, panic and anxiety, thoughts of suicide, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, body aches and muscle spasms, sweating and dehydration, loss of consciousness, and depression.

How to stop using Methadone

Suppose you or someone you know is addicted to Methadone and is afraid to stop using it because of the dangerous withdrawal symptoms. In that case, you can rest assured that our methadone addiction detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, will provide a medically assisted detox in maximum comfort and safety. Our detox is overseen by a comprehensive clinical team licensed by the State of Florida to facilitate our outpatient detox program.

Each member of our West Palm Beach drug detox team specializes in methadone addiction recovery. Our center is modern and comfortable. We allow our clients to rest during their detox and attend counseling and group therapy sessions. Our counselors first help each patient understand that their addiction can be overcome with help and support. We focus on relapse prevention techniques so that once you’re off Methadone, you’ll have the proper tools and knowledge in place to avoid using it again. Contact our methadone detox specialists around the clock for a confidential assessment.

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