As a Magellan medical detox center, we safely help our patients manage the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Finding drug and alcohol addiction treatment could be really challenging, especially when you are being stretched beyond your financial abilities. People suffering addiction often fail to get help due to the rise in treatment costs. However, for those with insurance coverage, addiction treatment might just be a walk in the park as their treatment costs may be fully or partially covered.

If you have a Magellan health insurance plan, getting addiction treatment at an Magellan detox center should come easy. Allure Detox is a Magellan Drug and Alcohol Detox center that accepts Magellan insurance. As a key step to your recovery, you may be required to undertake a medically assisted detoxification. Allure Detox will help you achieve this with Magellan insurance that guarantees full or partial coverage for your medical detoxification. With that in place, you only need to focus on building your personal recovery.

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What is Magellan Healthcare Insurance?

Established in 1969 as a managed healthcare service provider, Magellan Healthcare Insurance provides several options of medical insurance plans with variations in coverage according to the individual plans. Most importantly, Magellan Healthcare offers quite a number of alcohol and drug abuse programs. This includes employee assistance programs, early detection programs, and integrated behavioral health programs.

Magellan Healthcare works with a network of over 70,000 mental healthcare providers. All Magellan Health drug detox facilities are managed by highly skilled substance abuse treatment professionals, and that includes our Allure Detox inpatient detox center and residential treatment program.

As an accredited detox center, Allure Detox has made it possible for you or your loved one to access the necessary treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms safely. However, the level of coverage will depend much on the plan you have. Magellan offers several options that cover substance abuse treatment as a significant aspect of behavioral health.

What is in our Magellan Allure Detox Program

Treatment programs for substance abuse happen in stages. As a first step, medical detox is crucial because it’s a point of entry into a lasting sober lifestyle. During this phase, patients get professional assistance to rid their system of drugs and alcohol.

Even if you have only recently been involved with illicit drugs or alcohol, your body may have developed a dependence on these chemicals. A detoxification process is dangerous on your own and should only be carried out at an accredited Magellan drug detox facility. This is because of the potentially fatal effects of withdrawal symptoms, especially if the patient has been taking addictive drugs or drinking for a long period of time.

At Allure Detox, we employ an evidence-based treatment approach to set our patients free from addiction. The patient is closely monitored until their body is free of the abused substances. On some occasions, the team may administer certain prescription drugs to reduce the risk of relapse and to manage withdrawal symptoms.

How to Verify Your Magellan Addiction Treatment Coverage

Our Allure Detox admissions team can also help with your insurance verification at no extra cost. Proper verification will provide a clear picture of your benefits before beginning your treatment. You’ll also be able to understand ahead of time any out-of-pocket expenses you may be responsible for.

Giving the quality of our Magellan drug detox facility and the medical detoxification services we offer, there is no reason to delay getting help. As a Magellan drug and alcohol treatment center, we ensure you receive the maximum benefits offered by your health insurance. Call the Allure Detox addiction helpline to start healing today.


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Published on: 2019-06-30
Updated on: 2024-05-05

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