It can become a serious challenge to get help for your addiction if you don’t have health insurance. In fact, it’s often impossible for families with a  modest income to get their loved ones treated for substance abuse at their facility of choice. Given this reality, most addicts resort to delaying their treatment, while some might never seek help.

About Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a collection of 36 independent health insurance companies headquartered in Illinois, U.S.A. The company assumed the identity of the Blue Cross Association in 1960, further to its establishment in 1929. BCBS companies provide insurance coverage for about 105 million customers nationwide.

BCBS has a number of subsidiaries, such as Health Services Foundation, BC and BS Foundation on Health Care, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Services Inc. The company offers some form of health insurance coverage across 50 states in the US.

Essential health benefits such as addiction treatment, detoxification, and prescription drugs are covered under BCBS addiction and drug treatment plans. The specific benefits available to you will be dependent on the plan you choose. Quite a number of people across the US can access BlueCross BlueShield’s large network of plans and services without restrictions. Having BCBS insurance coverage also guarantees access to an appropriate BCBS drug detox facility, such as Allure Detox, where you will be guided through the entire process of a medically assisted detoxification.

Detoxification is not addiction therapy, but it’s the first crucial step on the road to lasting recovery. It focuses on ridding the patient’s body of any traces of alcohol and other illicit substances. It is a delicate process which should be administered by trained professionals. Our purpose at Allure Detox is to ensure individualized medically assisted detoxification for addicts to begin their recovery on the right footing. We are an inpatient detox and residential treatment center, which means we offer a full spectrum of detox care.

Drug Detox Centers

How to Verify Your BCBS Addiction Treatment Coverage

As a BCBS drug detox facility, we can verify your addiction treatment coverage at no extra cost to you. Dealing with addiction or that of a loved one could be overwhelming and so we wish to lessen the burden by helping out with your verification. We have cultivated a good working relationship with BlueCross BlueShield over time. A member of our admissions team will be happy to answer any questions about the verification of your insurance plan. Simply contact us, and let’s get started on the process.

Take the Next Step to Recovery

Lack of funds does not have to hinder you from getting your life back from the grip of addiction. At Allure Detox, you can begin your journey to a sober life with top-notch medically assisted detoxification under the supervision of experienced addiction treatment professionals. As a BCBS medical detox center, we will accept your BCBS insurance plan to ensure you reach your recovery goals.


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Published on: 2019-07-03
Updated on: 2024-05-05

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