Tips For Staying Sober Over The Holidays

The holidays are here, and so are the triggers; the stressful holiday shopping, the shorter deadlines at work, the family gatherings, the parties, the traffic, and so on. The holidays are supposed to be filled with cheer and laughter and good times, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and a lot to deal with, especially when you are in recovery.

In recovery, we tend to have our daily routines; wake up, pray or meditate, exercise, work, go to a meeting, pray, go to sleep. Of course, there are meals and visits with friends, but we usually have our days set and know pretty much what’s going to happen and can control or gauge our feelings or reactions to situations that may arise. But when the holidays arrive, we may be traveling or guests are staying in town which can interrupt our routine schedule. This is when we need to have a plan and be prepared.

Tips For Staying Sober Over The Holidays

Tips For Staying Sober Over The Holidays

With the Holiday Season in full swing, there are tips you can follow to avoid relapsing at holiday parties and family get-togethers. During this festive season, many people slip up and make mistakes, so it’s crucial to stay vigilant and be prepared if a craving hits you.

  1. Think ahead and have a plan – if you know you are going to certain family gatherings, a friend’s party or a work party that will have alcohol, plan ahead. Have a plan for possible scenarios you could get into and know what your plan of action will be next.
  2. Bring a sober friend with you – Bringing a buddy that doesn’t drink will help you feel less awkward about not drinking and easier to stay away from alcohol. You could also make plans to go to a movie after the party or make plans for the next day, such as a bike ride or breakfast.
  3. Ask your sponsor or sober friend to take your call – If a certain situation happens where you feel triggered, have the support you can call to talk to and talk you through it.  Let them know ahead of time where you will be going and what expectations you have as to your feelings on the situation.
  4. Bring Your Own Beverages – Bring a cooler of your own sparkling water or soft drinks so you can have a drink in your hands at all times so no one will be able to approach you and offer you a drink.
  5. Be prepared – Be prepared with a response if someone comes and asks you why you aren’t drinking. You could tell them that you are on medication or you are driving, or you could just be honest and tell them you don’t drink. Whatever it is, be prepared and stand behind your response.
  6. Pick and choose what events to attend – If you know the office party is just about getting hammered, don’t go. You have a choice to go or not. You can say no.
  7. Stay active – If you are at a gathering where groups are just hanging around the table talking and drinking, suggest playing a game of charades or baking some cookies together. Stay busy and engaged.
  8. Limit the time around relatives that drive you crazy – If you have a relative that drinks like a fish, maybe plan to see them earlier in the day when they won’t be drinking, and then you will still be able to get some quality time in.
  9. Go to a meeting – if you are traveling, look for meetings in the area. No better place to share what you’re going through other than people that know exactly what you are talking about and have been there.
  10. Take it easy – the holidays are already stressful. We don’t need to push it. Make sure you take extra care of your self around these stressful times and take time out for you and listen to yourself. How are you feeling, mentally, physically, emotionally? Your body will let you know, be aware, and take care.

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