We are a Premera BCBS drug and alcohol inpatient detox center that offers a medically-assisted detoxification for a comfortable healing.

In most cases, it takes a great deal of effort to convince an individual suffering addiction to seek professional help due to the effects of denial. Once denial has been overcome, addicts and alcoholics can continue their journey to full recovery provided they are able to bear the expenses. For individuals with insurance coverage, addiction treatment may be less worrisome especially if their plan offers full coverage.

Begin Healing Safely From Addiction

Medical detox is an important step in the addiction treatment process. The essence is of this is to gradually eliminate drugs and alcohol from the addict’s system. It is a delicate process carried out under professional supervision in order to manage the risk of a relapse. As a Premera BCBS medical detox facility, we accept your health insurance to cover the detoxification process.

What is Premera BCBS?

Premera BCBS is a non-profit Blue Cross Blue Shield licensed health company headquartered in Mountlake Terrace, Washington DC. Premera BCBS started in 1945 as Washington Hospital Service and became Blue Cross of Washington and Alaska in 1969. As an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, the company serves over 1.9 million residents and businesses within Alaska and Washington, excluding Clark County. Premera BCBS boasts a network of over 38,000 hospitals, doctors, and healthcare providers including substance addiction treatment service providers.

Premera BCBS offers health insurance and related services which are used at the facilities within its network. Allure Detox is a Premera BCBS covered drug and alcohol detox center and we are here to assist you. As part of a comprehensive behavioral healthcare plan, Premera provides different levels of coverage for substance abuse treatment. As a Premera BCBS policy plan holder, the extent of the coverage available to you will be dependent on your specific plan.

Verifying your Premera BCBS Insurance Plan

At Allure Detox, our in-house professionals understand the pain of addiction and what families and friends go through in order to restore their loved ones to sobriety. We help in making the transition to lasting recovery as comfortable as possible with our medically-assisted detoxification program. Once you contact us with the details of your Premera BCBS insurance plan, we will proceed to a 100% free and confidential insurance verification.

Does Detoxification Resolve Substance Abuse?

A medically assisted detoxification is the first step in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The purpose is to help the patient get rid of the addictive substances in their system. Once this is successful, they may be recommended to proceed to other stages of treatment.

Detoxification is usually a delicate process that should be carried under strict professional supervision. While detoxification alone does little to sustain long-term abstinence from addictive substances, a successful medically assisted detox encourages a sustainable recovery process. It helps to reduce the likelihood of a relapse to the barest minimum.

In the process of detoxification, the patient may be placed on certain FDA-approved medication to help them come off addictive substances and live a normal life. This is often combined with cognitive behavioral therapy and individual counseling.

A drug and alcohol-free life is achievable with Allure Detox

You can win the battle against substance abuse and drug addiction. Having an insurance plan such as Premera BCBS that covers for your treatment expenses makes it easier. As a Premera BCBS covered detox facility, we are willing to help you all the way to lasting recovery. Give us a call and one of our addiction professionals will be glad to assist you.

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