Does Kratom Show Up on a Drug Test?

Anyone who uses kratom may wonder if it can show up in a drug test. Because of the risk of losing a job by failing a test, it makes sense to learn about it. The National Institutes of Health recognizes its legality and availability online and in many places in the United States. Unfortunately, kratom may appear in some tests but not in others. Many people choose kratom because of a sometimes mistaken belief that it does not show up on drug tests.

TL;DR: Kratom will NOT show up on a standard 5-panel drug test but can be detected in a specialized 10-panel test for up to a week or more after use.


Drug tests that use the standard 5-panel drug test format do not detect kratom alkaloids. A 10-panel that tests for kratom, however, can find it in urine for a week or more after use. Inspection for it in tests that sample blood, saliva and hair may produce positive results too. However, most employers prefer the urine test as the fastest and most reliable method of detection.

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Detection can occur for a longer period in urine than in other substances, making it a preference of employers. In addition, its simplicity and lack of need for a needle puncture may add to its appeal. A urine test may start detecting kratom within about six hours and remain possible for days.


The amount of kratom consumed may appear in a blood test, making it more precise than a urine test. Positive results may show up one day after use, and the detection window may last for several days.


As the least preferred type of drug test, saliva may or may not produce meaningful results.


Employers may conduct a hair test that can detect the substance for up to 10 days after use. Its attributes make it a useful tool for a longer time than urine allows.

SubstanceDetection Time After UseDetection DurationNotes
Urine~6 hoursSeveral daysPreferred due to longer detection period and non-invasive nature.
Blood1 daySeveral daysMore precise than urine tests.
SalivaNot specifiedNot specifiedLeast preferred, may not produce meaningful results.
HairNot specifiedUp to 10 daysUseful for a longer time than urine, used by employers.

Comparing the Disadvantages and Advantages of Kratom

Even though kratom does not have a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) endorsement, the ancient herb appeals to people who have a range of needs. Some claim that it reduces anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and pain. Others use it for mood management.


However, the downsides of using it may outweigh any perceived benefits. Safety concerns have caused several states to ban it while others allow people to use it as an aid to opioid withdrawal

Some of the dire consequences that can result from using kratom include these:

  • aggressiveness
  • brain swelling
  • constipation
  • difficulty breathing
  • hallucinations
  • liver damage
  • nausea and vomiting
  • seizures
  • thyroid issues

The risk of a product that may include other substances and the reaction that kratom produces in the body may even lead to death.


The herbal drug produces a legal psychoactive effect with a natural ingredient that mimics opioid impact on the brain, pain response, and anxiety. Particularly the opiate-like effects, such as sedating and pain-relieving effects, and to help people with withdrawal symptoms from opioid drug abuse. So how long does Kratom last? The amount taken seems to greatly influence how long the effects last. Reaction to it may start within a few minutes and last for almost a couple of hours. Most effects depend on certain factors that affect its use.


Kratom resembles other substances that react differently in the presence of variable factors that influence its effects. Most of them lie outside anyone’s ability to change, giving a heads-up about the potential danger of using kratom. 

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Body fat retains the metabolites in kratom, making it last longer in people who have a high body fat percentage.

Passage of Time

Age can have the effect of slowing bodily functions, and it can allow kratom to produce longer-lasting effects in older people more than in younger people. The presence of other medications and the slower elimination processes in older people allow it to remain in the body for a longer time.

Family History

Genetics may play a role in how long kratom can stay in the body.


Kratom takes effect faster when taken with a high-fat meal, leading to quicker absorption and less time to reach peak effectiveness. Similar to most other drugs, the use of kratom on an empty stomach may cause its effects to be amplified.  Proper hydration can affect how long it takes the body to eliminate kratom through urination.


The available research on the long-term effect of kratom use does not yet provide adequate guidance. However, enough data exists to confirm that abuse can occur. Mayo Clinic considers the herbal extract from an evergreen tree in Southeast Asia as unsafe. Any substance that provides the types of relief that users of kratom believe it does can lead to addiction. No matter the substance of choice, the signs of becoming addicted have certain symptoms in common.

  • desire to use it regularly
  • using a substance for longer periods
  • taking higher doses to get the same effect
  • making sure of a constant supply
  • lack of focus on anything else
  • taking risks to get the substance
  • ignoring budgetary restrictions
  • recovering from effects
  • trying unsuccessfully to stop using

Early symptoms start with psychological dependence that produces desired feelings and relief from pain, anxiety, sleeplessness or depression. Physical addiction can occur when the body’s chemistry adjusts to having the substance available. Addiction becomes difficult to treat because stopping use creates discomfort and other issues.



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Published on: 2022-12-30
Updated on: 2024-05-24