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Bright Health is In-Network With Allure Detox's Drug Detox

When it comes to seeking professional medical care from a detoxification center, there are many important questions that you will want to consider before committing. Make sure that the detox center you are looking at offers a comprehensive medical care program. This means that the detox center does more than treat the physical symptoms of withdrawal – it is also essential that the center offers intensive therapeutic care to treat psychological and emotional symptoms.

It would help if you also considered whether or not the medical detox offers rehab placement services. For example, will the staff members help you transition into drug and alcohol rehab once you have been physically stabilized? Or will they cut you loose once you have safely undergone withdrawal and been deemed physically stabilized?

Begin Healing Safely From Addiction

It is essential to consider whether or not the services that the medical detox offers are in-network with your insurance company. If a detox offers services that are in-network with your insurance company, it simply means that the cost of the services will be covered.

Covering the Cost of Medical Detox

Covering the cost of medical detox might seem overwhelming at first. Still, there is a good chance that if you are insured through Bright Health or any other primary health insurance provider, the majority of your detox experience will be covered. There are some instances where a person is not insured, or where his or her health insurance benefits have already been maxed out. This could be the case if you have previously been in detox numerous times or if you were so wrapped up in your active addiction that you forgot to pay your insurance premiums. Even if you are not insured, quality clinical detox services are still accessible.

At Allure Detox, we offer several additional payment options, including self-pay and private pay. Some of our clients choose to take out a medical loan, which can be slowly paid back over time. Still, others take out a private loan from a close friend or family member who is supportive of their recovery. The moment you give us a call, we will set to work helping you determine which coverage option makes the most sense for your unique situation. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your decision and that financial stresses never weigh on your mind.

What to Expect at Bright Health In-Network Allure Detox 

When you commit to receiving treatment at Allure Detox, you should expect to be treated with nothing but the kindness and respect you undeniably deserve. From the moment you arrive at our facility, we prioritize your comfort, ensuring that you feel right at home and constantly having access to the resources and amenities you need. In addition, we offer a range of professional detox services geared towards making the drug and alcohol withdrawal process as pain-free as possible.

Our Range Of Treatment Services at Allure Detox

We provide medication-assisted treatment, 12-step program education and involvement, intensive therapeutic intervention, and a range of other services. We also offer a host of comfort-focused amenities, including private and semi-private bedrooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen accessible any time of the day or night, and comfortable common areas where clients can relax and socialize.

If you would like to find out how many of these services are covered by Bright Health Insurance, pick up the phone and give us a call and we will begin working on your no-obligation health insurance benefits check.

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