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Addiction is a perplexing disease, one that creates heartbreak and chaos for the whole family.  It also brings a sense of despair, as people watch their loved ones disintegrate before their eyes.  Addiction can seem like a hopeless and permanent state, but you needn’t feel alone any longer.  You needn’t feel alone because there’s help out there.

There’s hope at Allure Detox.  Please call us today at 561-322-5437 if you or someone you love is suffering the anguish of addiction. Our team of specially trained physicians and nurses is absolutely committed to helping addicted persons recover.

Allure Detox

We offer detox from opiates, heroin, alcohol, and benzos. Contact Allure Detox today and let us help.



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Allure is Here For You 24 Hours a Day

Remember that no one has to stay addicted.  We’re available around the clock to consult with you.  We’ll explain to you exactly how our outpatient detox works.  More importantly, we’ll listen to your concerns and answer your questions.


Allure offers relief.  You’ll feel better just calling a professional who cares.  You’ll hang up the phone and go back to your life feeling hopeful, certain that Allure can get your family back on track in the comforts of home.  Call us today at 561-322-5437 to start creating a solution.