Crack vs. Powdered Cocaine: What’s More Dangerous?

Drugs come in many forms and can be administered in many different ways. Marijuana is a plant that is dried up and can be smoked. But it also comes in solid, paste and oils and probably other ways that are being invented right now. Heroin comes from a plant, as well. Again it can be smoked, injected and snorted.

Cocaine also originates from a plant and differs in forms and ways it can be ingested. Regular cocaine, which is a powdered form and crack, which is a solid form. They are both cocaines so they are the same, but they look different, feel different, depending on the administration, and sometimes viewed differently socially, so is one more dangerous?

Crack vs. Powdered Cocaine: What's More Dangerous?

The Difference Between Cocaine and Crack

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is often abused, and it comes from the coca plant. It can be made into powdered or solid rock forms. The powdered form of cocaine is simply called that, cocaine or coke. The solid form of cocaine is called crack or crack cocaine. Cocaine, while widely abused, has been used in many medical situations for years. Some physicians and dentists, to numb areas during surgeries, may still use it today.

Cocaine, in its natural form, is a hydrochloride salt when it is extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. This can be made into a powdery white substance, which can be snorted, injected or smoked. When the powdered form is snorted, the high hits gradually, usually within 3 to 5 minutes, and lasts up to 30 minutes. Many users start using cocaine as a “party drug” and to counter the side effects of drinking: drowsiness, slurred speech, mobile impairment, etc. Vice versa as well, if you maybe did too much cocaine you can sometimes become too high and feel mentally, verbally, physically “paralyzed” therefore, need a downer to counter the effects of the cocaine, which usually leads to another drink. So you can see how this can become a revolving habit.

When the powder form of cocaine is mixed with a base, such as baking soda or another substance and then boiled in water, separated to form a solid, it is then referred to as crack or cracks cocaine, which is used to smoke to achieve a high. Crack is significantly different when it comes to price. Crack is usually $10-25 for 1/10 gram where cocaine is $120-150 for 3.5 grams. This is why you hear that crack is usually used for the less fortunate because you don’t need much money to get high on crack.

Crack and cocaine are basically the same chemically just once, crack, is more concentrated since the salt is taken out, which has no affects on a person. The name crack comes from the cracking sound it makes when it is smoked through a pipe or cigarette. When it comes to the high, it is instant and very powerful but lasts only up to 10 minutes, which then results in the repeated cycles of banging and crashing, which then can lead to a quick addiction to the drug. Though both crack and cocaine are the same and have the same effects, more or less intense and last shorter or longer depending on the administration, is one more dangerous, if so, which one?

What Is More Dangerous?

This is a difficult question because of all drugs all dangerous period. Cocaine, when snorted, can be dangerous because enough use can cause your nasal structure to deteriorate, and also the stimulant effects can lead to cardiac problems. When injected, the same goes for cardiac problems, but also you have injected cocaine with a mix of who knows what additive and not to mention you are at a higher risk of getting Hepatitis C and HIV.

The dangers of crack are similar to cocaine with cardiac problems but can also affect the esophagus due to the smoke inhalation. But there is more chance of addiction and overdose due to the cycle of repeated use. Bottom line both drugs are dangerous, and it’s basically a roll of the dice as to what and how it happens, but we at Allure Detox can help you end your addiction because your life isn’t a game.

Our cocaine detox center in West Palm Beach, Florida, embraces the updated mindset that treats addiction as a disease of the brain. People who are addicted to cocaine require empathy and respect. There is not one addict who can say they intended to become addicted to cocaine or other drugs. Addiction happens over time and after the drug has altered the normal functioning of the brain. Cocaine addicts are often the first to admit they need help. We have successfully been helping cocaine addicts detox off cocaine and methamphetamine, helping countless individuals achieve long-term recovery.

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