Allure Detox is a drug detox that takes UMR insurance and we are ready to assist men, women, and families affected by addiction.

For most people with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, it takes a lot to accept the fact that you need to seek much-needed help. Even when you do accept facing the reality and turn a new leaf, the financial costs of getting treatment may seem to get in the way. Based on the lack of finances to cover treatment costs, some may continue in their addiction and even get worse, leading to disastrous consequences.

Begin Healing Safely From Addiction

Finding addiction treatment can become a lot easier with an insurance plan. As a United Medical Resources drug and alcohol treatment facility, Allure Detox creates an enabling environment for addicts who are looking to start living sober once again. Therefore, if you hold a UMR approved insurance plan, you can expect a full or partial coverage for your drug and alcohol treatment.

UMR and Substance Abuse Treatment Coverage

United Medical Resources (UMR) is not a health insurance company in itself. It is a leading third-party administrator of medical insurance in the United States. UMR has over 3,000 healthcare service providers in its network that offer both general and mental healthcare services for beneficiaries. Allure Detox is a drug detox that takes URM insurance and we are ready to assist men, women, and families affected by addiction.

UMR also provides management and organizational support for self-insured associations of employers, companies and state governments. As a part of the United Healthcare family, UMR links plan holders to reputable substance addiction treatment facilities within its network for them to get their lives back on track. If you lack the financial resources to seek addiction treatment, UMR approved insurance coverage might be exactly what you need to regain sobriety.

In general, UMR will ensure your insurance company provides coverage for the entire duration of your treatment as recommended by your service provider. Understandably, treatment timelines may vary from an individual to another and some insurance providers may be unwilling to provide extended coverage. Therefore, it is advised that you get as much detailed information before beginning for your treatment program.

Get Back to Your Normal Life With Allure Detox

As your insurance claims processor, UMR will connect you with coverage for a medically assisted detoxification program which is our top area of focus at Allure Detox. A medically assisted detoxification is usually the first process in substance addiction treatment. The essence is to rid the patient’s system of any addictive substances and gradually wean them off drugs or alcohol before recommending them for other stages of treatment.

An attempt at detoxification without professional supervision is dangerous. It is advisable to have trained addiction treatment experts to guide you through the entire process with a medically-supervised approach. At Allure Detox, you should also expect to receive the necessary help to cope with any withdrawal symptoms that might arise based on your treatment.

If you’re interested in our UMR drug detox facility, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Find the courage to reach out for help and you will be one step closer to freedom from addiction.

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