Why You Should Stay Away from Cold Turkey Detox

When an individual constantly uses a substance, whether alcohol or drugs, it can lead to an addiction. Addiction is when you cannot stop using substances, and you become dependent on them to function in everyday life. You go to any means to get your next fix, and it usually leads to life consequences such as loss of job, money, relationships, deterioration of health, even jail or death.

An addict usually never starts off as an addict and at the beginning, the dependency often beings with casual and recreational use. In the beginning, there are always good times; having a few drinks with your friends or taking some pills to relax after a long week. Addiction is a progressive disease and will take ahold of your life sooner or later.

Stay away from cold turkey detox

Addicts Use Drugs to Avoid Becoming Sick

There comes a time in an addict’s life that using substances is no longer fun and the only reason we use is to not get sick. Withdrawal is probably what an addict is most fearful of. Withdrawal is when, after taking a certain substance for a while your body gets used to it, you then stop using, and your body starts to react to not having that substance anymore.

It varies from person to person depending on what substance they were abusing, how long, and by what way it was administered.  When your body starts going through detox there can be multiple different symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Body aches
  • Hallucinations
  • High blood pressure
  • And many more

There are a few options when it comes to detoxing from drugs or alcohol:  Medical detox, quitting “cold-turkey,” therapy, support groups and more. The ideal, safest, and most effective approach is medically-supervised detox. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), Medical detoxification safely manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug use.

Is Cold Turkey Detox a Good Idea?

However, medical detoxification is only the first stage of addiction treatment and by itself does little to change long-term drug use. Although detoxification alone is rarely sufficient to help addicts achieve long-term abstinence, for some individuals it is a strongly indicated precursor to effective drug addiction treatment.

Some addicts try to quit “cold-turkey” because of a money issue, a pride thing, or some other personal reason. Detoxing “cold-turkey” is abruptly quitting the use of substances without any medical or professional help. There is nothing to ease the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms. This is not recommended due to complications and the shock your body goes through during a cold-turkey detox.

Depending on the drug, quitting so abruptly can be dangerous and sometimes cause life-threatening medical conditions such as seizures, heart problems, and in some cases death. It is also not recommended because of a high chance of a relapse. Because of the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and the length they can have, the urge to use is very high and it increases without therapy or a support system.

Get the Help You Need With Medical Detox

We at Allure Detox understand the fear of having to go through withdrawals from a substance; that’s why our facility has the best Medical Detoxification program. The fact that we detox patients on a medical basis allows us to give patients more than safety. Clients continue to live in a home-like setting with family support during medical detox at Allure. This continued participation allows clients to learn and resume their lives, even as the substance leaves their system.

When it comes to Allure Detox, we provide much more than the bare minimum.  Of course, we help clients stop using safely – that’s just a given.  Almost as important as that, though, is that we offer clients the foundation for a lifetime of relief and recovery.

That’s the Allure Detox promise: that patients leave our care with more than good health at their disposal. Our focus is on minimizing your withdrawal symptoms to a comfortable level while beginning the comprehensive treatment process that will keep you sober.