We are an inpatient detox and residential treatment center that takes Oxford Health Insurance.

Professional drug and alcohol detox centers allow a person who has become physically dependent on drugs or alcohol to detox safely and with little to no discomfort. Allure Detox provides medically supervised detox services for persons addicted to alcohol, opiates, heroin, benzos, pain pills, meth, cocaine, Methadone, Suboxone, and Adderall. We offer individualized care for every client as each person’s level of addiction varies, so does the type of care necessary to ensure their comfort and safety.

Begin Healing Safely From Addiction

We accept all insurance plans that have behavioral health benefits included in their policies. Behavioral Health benefits must be provided in all insurance plans bought in the United States. The federal government enforces compliance with the Parity Addiction Equity Act. This act states that because addiction is considered a disease of the brain, insurance plans must offer the same level of coverage for treatment as they do other diseases.

Drug Detox That Takes Oxford Health

Oxford Health is one insurance plan that we work with frequently. Oxford Health is part of the United Healthcare company, and their plans include extensive behavioral health benefits. If you or someone you know needs detox and has a plan from Oxford Health or another insurance policy, allow us to locate your behavioral health benefits and get you admitted into our Oxford Health drug detox within 24 hours.

All of our drug and alcohol detox programs utilize safe and effective medications specifically prescribed to minimize physical, mental, and emotional withdrawal symptoms. Our professional staff is comprised of an addiction medical doctors, psychiatrist, and counselors who all work together to ensure that every client is safe and comfortable during their detoxification.
The time it takes for each person to detox completely off of drugs and or alcohol varies greatly. Depending on the type of drug and the amount used and for how long is an important factor that will determine how long the person will need to be in our Oxford Health drug detox center. It is critically important that anyone who is struggling with an addiction to drugs and or alcohol receive medical care to detox to begin the road to freedom from addiction.

Oxford Health Drug Detox Centers

According to Harvard Health Publication, severe withdrawal symptoms caused by addiction are reason enough for many addicts and alcoholics to remain in their addictions. Addicts and alcoholics drink and drug to feel better and to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction is a physical dependence on a chemical substance. The dependence leads to unpleasant symptoms, called withdrawal when a person stops using the substance. People often begin using an addicting substance because it initially gives them pleasure. By the time addiction has developed, the pleasure is often gone. The driving force behind continued use is a need to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. (Harvard Health)

We monitor every client with compassion and understanding. We also provide a treatment plan for continued care after they complete their drug and alcohol detox. Although detox is not substance abuse treatment, it is the first step in any quality program of drug and alcohol recovery. If you or your family member is ready to begin a new life and get clean and sober but is physically addicted to a substance, detoxification is the only way to increase the chances at remaining clean and sober once and for all.

To begin the process of admission into our Oxford Health detox center, the first step is to speak with one of our addiction detox specialists they will determine what type of detox is needed and will verify your insurance plan and get you or your loved one admitted quickly.

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