Can a Person Overdose On Vicodin?

Today there is a pill for everything. You’re depressed? Take medicine to make you happy. Are you anxious or nervous? Take a pill to relax. You want to lose weight and suppress your appetite? You take a diet pill. If you have a condition, illness, or a symptom of any uncomfortable feeling to you, you can get a prescription or an over the counter medication, and it’s taken care of at that moment.

Overdose on Vicodin

Everyone Has Experienced Pain

We have experienced pain in one form or another. From falling on the playground as a kid or breaking a limb during a hike as an adult, we all have experienced pain. There are, though, two different kinds of pain: acute pain and chronic pain. Severe pain is when you injure yourself, and it can be corrected by going to see a doctor and getting a cast put on for a couple of months, taking some short term pain meds until the injury is healed.

Acute pain doesn’t last very long. Chronic pain is persistent and can last for more extended periods, weeks, months or even years. In some cases, there may be no cure such as from an illness or disease, such as cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

In 2016, an estimated 20.4% of U.S. adults had chronic pain, and 8.0% of U.S. adults had high-impact chronic pain.

Even though chronic pain isn’t always curable, there are treatments that can help. Such treatments can be drug treatment, such as being prescribed pain relievers by a licensed physician. There are also treatments that don’t include drugs such as physical therapy, acupuncture, and surgery.

Painkillers Can Lead to Addiction

While painkillers are the quickest and easiest answer to cure pain, it can definitely have its drawbacks. Painkillers, such as Vicodin, OxyContin, and Morphine are successful at reducing the sensitivity to pain, but they also create a sense of euphoria feeling that some people enjoy and come to crave. This is where people can get addicted and/or are at a higher risk of an overdose if they don’t take the medication as directed.

When you hear about opioid overdoses, you assume it is because of an illicit drug, such as heroin or fentanyl, but it is just as easy to overdose on prescription opioids. Vicodin is the most frequently prescribed narcotic painkiller. Vicodin is a combination of two painkillers: hydrocodone and acetaminophen.

A doctor usually prescribes it after surgery, a tooth removal or any pain-induced injury. Doctors prescribe the medication for a short period of time until the pain lessens. While the majority of patients have no problem taking the medication, there is a risk for misuse and risk of overdose whether by accident or on purpose.

Are People Overdosing on Vicodin?

Just like any drug, there is a chance of overdose when taken other than directed. According to the National Drug Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), Drug overdose deaths involving prescription opioids rose from 3,442 in 1999 to 17,029 in 2017.

If you or a loved one are at risk of a Vicodin overdose, whether by accident or on purpose, there are signs you can look out for:

  • Fingernail and lips seem a bluish color
  • Slow, shallow breathing
  • Cold, clammy skin
  • Confusion or dizziness
  • Drowsiness or fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pinned pupils
  • Weakness

You should seek medical attention right away and follow the health care provider’s direction. Do not take matters into your own hands.

Get the Much Needed Help at Allure Detox

We at Allure Detox understand that prescribed painkillers, such as Vicodin, are a very commonly prescribed and misused drug and can become addictive. If you or a loved one has become addicted and are in fear of an overdose but can’t seem to stop the medication due to dependency, we can help. We are a safe and comfortable Vicodin detox center that follows a medically-assisted approach to relieving painful opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Even if you just recently started misusing Vicodin, seeking professional treatment is the best way to break free from Vicodin addiction. If you are looking for a Vicodin detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, for yourself or for someone you care about, then you need to speak to one of our Vicodin addiction specialists at Allure Detox.