Drug Detox for Veterans With TRICARE Insurance

The stresses of going to war are unfathomable to regular citizens. Nobody can imagine the traumas of having a significant injury, witness the death of a peer, or sexual assault. Veterans returning home from military deployment and combat may face several challenges when trying to adjust back to civilian life. Many traumas are hard to cope with when the war is done and you are supposed to act normal at home with a regular nine to five job.

The rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are high for veterans, specifically for those in the Army or Marine Corps who experienced moderate to severe combat. These veterans may also show signs of other mental health issues, drug abuse, and other physical health issues relating to the traumas they experienced during their military service.

Drug Detox for Veterans with TRICARE Insurance

PTSD and Substance Abuse

One of the most common mental health conditions that lead to substance abuse is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the three types of PTSD include:

  • Re-experiencing: Overwhelming fears, unexpected flashbacks of traumatic events that include the same rapid breathing and sweating originally experienced, nightmares, and other intrusive symptoms characterize this type of PTSD.
  • Hyperarousal: Often feeling on edge, intense anger response, insomnia, and/or being easily startled are all signs of hyperarousal.
  • Avoidance: Feelings of guilt and depression (or having no feelings of attachment at all), difficulty remembering traumatic events, lack of interest in former hobbies, and avoiding places that trigger memories of trauma are all signs of avoidance.

Other behavioral issues such as anxiety and depression from the work experiences can also bring on a substance abuse disorder.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Many ways the military deals with these stressors is drinking or drugs. Some drugs and drinking even start right after deployment as innocent enough as to relax, initiation or to wind down with the troops. It can get out of hand quickly, as all addicts have come to know.

According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), deployment is associated with smoking initiation, unhealthy drinking, drug use, and risky behaviors. Zero-tolerance policies, lack of confidentiality, and mandatory random drug testing that might deter drug use can also add to the stigma and could discourage many who need treatment from seeking it. For example, half of the military personnel have reported that they believe seeking help for mental health issues would negatively affect their military career.

So just like we are hesitant and embarrassed to ask for help, veterans are often hesitant to seek help not just it may be embarrassing but because of the stigma associated with substance abuse treatment and the fear of losing their jobs.

Drug Detox for Veterans

There are plenty of drug detox and rehabilitation program choices for veterans through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), which are professional and confidential. However, sometimes there may be difficulties that may arise and those options aren’t available but most veterans have insurance, which usually covers substance abuse treatment. One of the more well-known health care programs for veterans and their families is Tricare health insurance. Allure Detox is certified with Tri-Care to offer medical detoxification through our treatment program.

TRICARE Insurance is a group of plans issued to eligible military personnel, military retirees, and their families. TRICARE health insurance is insurance coverage that provides health coverage, dental care programs, mental health care, substance abuse treatment coverage, vision care, and prescription medication insurance to eligible military members and their families.  Offering many different insurance plans, TRICARE coverage meets all requirements considered as minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

TRICARE provides insurance coverage for military personnel that will help them through addiction recovery, and, fortunately, TRICARE often covers behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.

One of the many benefits of enlisting in the military is being eligible for TRICARE plans. Managed by the Defense Health Agency, this group of comprehensive health insurance programs is for those who are either currently in the armed forces, retirees, and the families of uniformed service members and retirees.

Medical Detox for Military Families at Allure Detox

If you are in the military, are retired from the military, or are a family member of someone who has served or is serving, and you are suffering from a substance use disorder, TRICARE may cover the treatment process through Allure Detox because we are Tri-Care Certified as a medical detoxification program. You may want to start with inpatient treatment or maybe an outpatient program is right for your particular situation and Allure Detox can start you on the right path.

Allure Detox delivers safe, compassionate, and highly individualized care on a medical basis. Read on to learn more about who we are and why we’re one of the best drug and alcohol detox facilities in the industry. Give us a call today for a confidential consultation and learn more about how we can help.