Drug Detox Programs Certified by TRICARE Insurance

Tricare is a healthcare program provided by the United States Department of Defense Military Health System. Tricare works by providing health benefits to US Armed Forces military personnel, their dependence, and all US Armed Forces military retirees. Tricare is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage to all current and past military personnel, including behavioral health services. up until recently, mental health services and physical health services were considered entirely separate.

More recently, however, mental health services like drug detox programs, inpatient addiction treatment programs, and a range of other substance abuse-related services are considered a necessary component to comprehensive health and well-being. As mentioned on the Tricare website, some of the substance use disorder treatment services covered by this specific healthcare program include:

  • Inpatient treatment services, both emergency and non-emergency
  • Medically monitored detoxification
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Therapeutic services geared towards improving overall mental health
  • Medication-assisted treatment, which is often utilized in drug and alcohol detoxification programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs)
  • Residential treatment services

Tricare health insurance covers effective substance abuse treatment methods and numerous drug detox programs throughout the country are certified, including Allure Detox.

Drug Detox Programs Certified by Tricare Insurance

Substance Abuse and Military Personnel

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, stressors linked to military culture and deployment can be major risk factors when it comes to the development of substance abuse and dependency.  It has been repeatedly found that deployment is associated with excessive drinking, drug abuse, and an overall increase in risk-taking behaviors. If military personnel is caught using chemical substances, they are liable to face dishonorable discharge – because of this many members of the military who need substance abuse treatment fail to openly seek it.

Additionally, if a member of the military is dishonorably discharged because of a substance abuse issue, he or she is significantly more likely to continue using to combat feelings of guilt, shame, and a general lack of direction or purpose.

Drug Detox Programs for Military Families

Tricare also serves men and women who have since retired from the military. In many situations, drug detox programs are needed for military families because servicemen and veterans struggle with addictions as a result of enlistment. A study published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that slightly more than one out of every 10 veterans has been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder. These rates are especially high among male veterans between the ages of 18 and 25 years old.

While marijuana accounts for the majority of drug use among veterans, roughly 1.7% reported using illicit chemical substances other than marijuana for one month. if you are currently active in the military or have since retired, and you have been struggling with a substance abuse disorder for any length of time, Allure Detox is available to help. Our team of compassionate professionals has decades of combined experience treating men and women who have been suffering from drug abuse of any type or severity.

Allure Detox and Tricare Health Insurance

Allure Detox is one of the many medical detox facilities throughout the state of Florida that offers a wide range of detox services that are certified by Tricare insurance. If you are currently insured through this specific company, or currently covered by another healthcare provider, give us a call today for a free, no-obligation health insurance benefits check. At Allure Detox, we believe that quality clinical care should be readily available to anyone in need. We are dedicated to providing the most individualized medical detox program available throughout Southern Florida, treating each one of our clients on a highly personalized and integrated basis.

Because men and women who have previously served or currently serve in the military often struggle with underlying issues like post-traumatic stress disorder, we have developed a detox program that incorporates proven therapeutic methods of mental and emotional healing. Our program of recovery is unique and that it addresses all issues, not simply focusing on physical stabilization like most state-run facilities. For more information, please feel free to give us a call at any time. We look forward to speaking with you soon and answering any additional questions you may have.