Can I Take Opioids at the Hospital If I’m in Recovery?

A long-debated question between those in recovery is based around morality and your personal recovery status when confronted with taking opiates in a hospital setting and truly requiring pain relief. The question seems simple. But it has so many layers to it for those who have been through the horrors of addiction.

Because those who suffer from the disease of dependency know that our brains don’t work in the same way as normal people. And for those who have suffered from an addiction to opiates, the line between medicine and drugs is a razor fine thin one.

Can I Take Opioids at the Hospital If I'm in Recovery?

There is No Cure for Opioid Addiction, Only Total Abstinence

There’s little that science can do to make a complete cure for addiction in a pill  This is because addiction is a disease of the mind and affects each mind differently. What works for some in treatment or recovery, doesn’t work for others. Unfortunately, it appears that once an addict is created they will always be an addict. But there is plenty that can be done to keep the addict out of their active addiction and rewire their brain towards normality. Usually, recovery from addiction is most successful when coupled with abstinence and drug abuse counseling.

Differences Between Real Need for Pain Control or Drug Seeking Behavior

If you suspect someone you love or know of having an active opiate addiction and they claim that they need medication because of pain or injury, please be wary. You may be inadvertently enabling them to continue and unhealthy behaviors. Some addicts will even hurt themselves intentionally to get the medication that they need to get their fix. You must be always honest with your doctor about your past which we will get into in the next segment.

What Happens When a Hospital Doctor Says You’ll Be Given Opiates While in Recovery?

First of all, if you’re completely honest and open with your doctor about your medical past including addictions to all substances, they should work hard to avoid putting you in situations that might be dangerous or risky to your recovery. With medical advancements, there are Myriad drugs available as alternatives to more addicting drugs. However, there are still some situations in which a recovering opioid addict may be prescribed opioids for severe pain ordering a recovery from surgery. So the question is still raised:

Is it Okay to Take Opiates in a Hospital Setting?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple easy answer to the question and whatever response this writer could give would simply be his own bias opinion. With that said and as a recovering opiate addict. I don’t think that you should take opiates if you’re in early recovery from active addiction. After ample abstinence from the drug abuse choice, later on in life, it might and a big Mike be okay to take opiates for extreme pain only. Anyone who has hit true Rock Bottom won’t want to do opiates again. Their life has already been ruined once by the drug and they won’t want that to happen again.

Conclusions About Opioid Pain Management at the Hospital

Unfortunately, there is no simple yes or no answer to the question of whether someone in recovery should take prescribed opiates or not. The only advice that this recovering addict can give is to be aware of the strength of your program. You and you alone will know whether you are strong enough in your recovery to be able to take medications or not. One thing’s for sure, if you decide to take opiates as a recovering opiate addict, you better have a good system in place for any research resurfacing of unhealthy behaviors. Make sure to keep that phone list right next to the pill bottle.