America’s Addiction to Sleeping Pills

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), adults need 7 – 9 hours of sleep but most of us don’t get the minimum and we don’t even know that we are sleep deprived. We might just think it is normal to be sleepy in the afternoon or a boring meeting but this is true only if we are sleep deprived. We might not even remember what it feels like to be fully awake and fully alert.

Sleep is one of the basic needs of a human being to survive. How much and how good you sleep can affect your mental and physical health as well as your everyday functioning such as your productivity, emotional balance, brain and heart health, immune system, creativity, vitality, and even your weight.

America's Addiction to Sleeping Pills

Insomnia is a Problem for Americans

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder and it’s been reported that roughly 60 million Americans have some form of it. With insomnia, you may have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting good quality sleep. This happens even though you have the time and the right environment to sleep well. Insomnia interferes with your daily activities and may make you feel unrested or sleepy during the day.

Treating Insomnia With Addictive Sleeping Pills

Since so many Americans have a problem with falling asleep, we are always looking for a cure, a quick fix so we can get the sleep we need. Counting sheep, drinking warm milk, taking a hot bath, these remedies most of us have tried but nothing sticks. There’s not a real tried and true cure for insomnia so of course there has been the development of sleeping pills. Just like many prescription medications out there, there is a big drawback to sleeping pills because you can get addicted and dependent on them.

According to the CDC, Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey:

  • About 4% of U.S. adults aged 20 and overused prescription sleep aids in the past month.
  • The percentage of adults using prescription sleep aid increased with age and education. More adult women (5.0%) used prescription sleep aids than adult men (3.1%).
  • Non-Hispanic white adults were more likely to use sleep aids (4.7%) than non-Hispanic blacks (2.5%) and Mexican-American (2.0%) adults.
  • Prescription sleep aid use varied by sleep duration and was highest among adults who sleep less than 5 hours (6.0%) or sleep 9 or more hours (5.3%).
  • One in six adults with a diagnosed sleep disorder and one in eight adults with trouble sleeping reported using sleep aids.

Powerful Sleeping Pill Prescriptions Are On the Rise

Sedative and hypnotic medications often referred to as sleep aids, are used to induce or maintain sleep by suppressing activities in the central nervous system. In the past two decades, both popular media and pharmaceutical companies have reported an increased number of prescriptions filled for sleep aids in the United States.

A market research firm has reported a tripling in sleep aid prescriptions from 1998 to 2006 for young adults aged 18–24. This report presents person-based nationally representative estimates on prescription sleep aid use in the past 30 days, describes sociodemographic differences in use, and examines sleep aid use by self-reported sleep duration and insomnia.

Sleeping Pill Addiction Treatment at Allure Detox

If you or a loved one have been on sleeping pills for a long period, have an addiction, and are trying to get off them you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. At Allure Detox, we can help you through these tough times safely and comfortably.

At Allure Detox, the first requirement of our detox center is that it protects the health and safety of its patients.  This is the least that substance abusers and their families should expect from a decent facility.  Without these protections in place, the detox doesn’t serve a purpose in the recovery process.  Patient safety should be an ironclad guarantee. When it comes to Allure Detox, we provide much more than the bare minimum.  Of course, we help clients stop using safely – that’s just a given.

Almost as important as that, though, is that we offer clients the foundation for a lifetime of relief and recovery. That’s the Allure Detox promise: that patients leave our care with more than good health at their disposal. Our focus is on minimizing your withdrawal symptoms to a comfortable level while beginning the comprehensive treatment process that will keep you sober.